A Healthy Garden needs The Good Worm & Vermicomposting


Worm Castings

Vermicomposting – Whether you are looking for worm castings, worm supplies or just a bunch of live worms, The Good Worm has you covered. We have everything you need for healthy gardens and Vermicomposting production.


Vermiculture Workshops

Consulting – We can teach you or your group the basics of Vermiculture, all the way through the advanced techniques and applications. We come to you, your garden or your classroom.

Garden Fashion

Garden Fashion

Fashion – From Aprons with pockets in all the right places to Bonnets that shade you from the sun, the Good Worm can provide clothing to keep you comfortable and clean.

What Our Customers Say

                        So if you have any of these…

  • slow plant growth
  • hard soil
  • small veggies
  • poor drought tolerance
  • plant disease
  • fungus
  • bugs
  • short plants
  • overall poor appearance
  • tiny root vegetables
  • aphids
  • white fly
  • short roots
  • root rot
  • unhealthy looking leaves
  • plant infections
  • infected potting soil
  • too many chemicals
  • tree infections
  • no garden worms

Our Happy Good Worms are ready to begin vermicomposting and work for you!

Garden Club

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